What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography refers to photography of a sensual nature which a person usually uses for private use (to give to a spouse, significant other, etc) rather than for publication.

I offer boudoir photography services in the Greater Atlanta Georgia area at your location, in-studio, or at the location of your choice. Our ultimate package offers a beautiful hotel room Iocation to provide the right ambience for your shoot.  I can also offer services outside of the greater Atlanta area for an additional location fee which is based on your location.

Boudoir photography is an exciting gift to give anyone (or yourself). It is a very personal choice and because of it’s sensual nature, it can raise many questions. Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about boudoir photography and my services:

Where will the shoot take place?

We can have the shoot done at my studio, at your home, or the location of your choice. I ask that you be mindful of the limitations you may face with certain locations (like outdoors or public venues ) but other than that, you imagination is the limit.

I’ve never done anything like this and I’m a little nervous. How am I going to get through it?

It is completely normal to be a little nervous, especially since you probably don’t know what to expect. I will do my best to put you at ease by discussing with you what we’re going to do before the shoot – that way there are not uncomfortable surprises. Remember that this is your shoot, we will only go as far as your ease and comfort level dictates. I can tell you that I’ve had clients who’ve started of very shy and nervous about the whole thing but after 30 minutes of shooting and seeing how good their photos looked, they completely loosened up and ended up taking photos that were even more gorgeous than they imagined.

What do I wear for the shoot?

Remember that this shoot is all about your fantasy. Most people doing a boudoir photography shoot wear lingerie, some sort of revealing outfit, or nothing at all. What you wear and how much you wear for your shoot is entirely up to you. I will provide guidelines and suggestions but my ultimate goal is to bring your fantasy to life and provide photos that will blow your spouses/significant other’s mind.

How long will the shoot take?

A safe guideline is about 2 1/2 hours. That allows enough time for my equipment set-up, your make-up, hair, wardrobe changes, and the like. We may take more or less time than this depending on the specifics of your shoot but remember that I don’t charge you by the hour so we can take as much time as you need to capture you at your best.

I don’t know if I’ll look good in the pictures. Should I even be doing this?

Absolutely! Boudoir photography is about you and your fantasy – not artificial expectations about artificial women. Anybody can see a lingerie catalog; only your special somebody gets to see your boudoir photographs. You are giving your significant other a gift of something you know they already love, you! I will photograph you in the best lighting with the best poses that will compliment your best features. I also do retouching on your photos as part of your session fee so that you will look your absolute best.

Are you going to put my photos on this web site?

No they will not. These photos are your property and will not be used here or anywhere else without your permission. I guard the privacy of my clients very closely (it’s part of my contract with you) so rest assured that you won’t have to worry about anyone but you and your significant other seeing your pictures.  Our boudoir packages provide you with a free online gallery and this gallery is password protected so that only the person(s) that you give access to will be able to see and enjoy your photos.

How much does this cost?

My current packages are at the bottom of this page. Remember that you can tailor the packages to suit your needs by adding additional prints, enlargements, cd’s etc. so that you get exactly what you want out of this.

How many pictures will I get?

I never put a limit on how many photos I take so a safe guideline is that we’ll take 20-40 photos per outfit. I take the same care and deliver the same quality no matter which package you choose so you will never get an inferior product regardless of your package choice or budget.

How long will it be before I see my pictures?

I can show you images from your session right after the shoot and you will receive a cd/dvd of your images the same day.

How do I get started?

Contact me using the form at the bottom of this page and we can discuss what you have in mind for your session. I will provide you with tips and suggestions and work with you to bring your fantasy to life. This will be the best gift you’ve ever given!

Gold Package (3 look package)

  • up to 3 looks/outfits
  • 9 full edits
  • 1 fantasy/special effects edit
  • high resolution cd/dvd with all of your photos
  • private online gallery
  • $215 (includes makeup artist)
  • $179 (without makeup artist)

Platinum Package (4 look package)

  • up to 4 looks/outfits
  • 12 full edits
  • 2 fantasy/special effects edits
  • high resolution cd/dvd with all of your photos
  • private online photo gallery
  • $265 (includes makeup artist)
  • $229 (without makeup artist)

Ultimate Package (our best full-featured boudoir package)

  • Photoshoot will be held in a beautiful hotel room with the privacy and decor to get you the most beautiful photos you’ve ever taken.   You’ll have wine and cheese, a beauty assistant, and makeup artist to get you ready for the best shoot you’ve ever done
  • Shoot in up to 6 different looks/outfits
  • 20 full edits
  • 5 fantasy/special effects edits
  • All of your photos on a high resolution cd/dvd with all of your photos
  • Your own password-protected online photo gallery
  • A 20 page photobook with up to 50 photos of your choice, customized with the colors, designs, and text of your choice
  • $749 (includes hotel room fee, personal beauty assistant and makeup artist)


on location add $25 (Metro Atlanta area, contact me for other states)

Makeup Artist add $50 (if not included in package price)

Hair Stylist (pricing on request)

Extra edits $10 per photo

Special effects edits (background swap, graphics, logos, etc) $25 per photo

Website Design  – from $299 – includes full setup of your website, domain name registration, and hosting

Photo Release Form – Give you authorization to print photos from your photoshoot at your local Walmart, Target, CVS, or any retailer that prints photos.  Retailers will not allow you to print professional photos without this release from the photographer $35

Online Magazine Feature $100* per feature (price subject to change)

Online Album

  • first year – included
  • each additional year – $25

Photo Books

  • 8×8 hard cover photo book/20 pages – $75
  • 8×11 hard cover photo book/20 pages – $89
  • 10×10 hard cover photo book/20 pages – $99
  • 12×12 hard cover photo book/20 pages – $119
  • additional pages – $5/page

Ready to book, or need more info about our boudoir shoots?  Use the contact form below.