Like many of you, I recognize that our world is enriched by the beauty and contributions brought by people from all parts of it.  Living in the US, it’s hard to deal with the rising xenophobia that’s affecting our lives brought on by so-called “nationalists”.  They speak against other nationalities calling them criminals and low-lifes, the dismiss followers of other religions as terrorists, and they insult other nations calling them “shithole countries”.

Violet representing Haiti – H Greaves Photography

I started the World Beauty Project as a counter to all the negativity being displayed in the US against other countries.  The United States is great because of the contributions of people from all walks of life and all parts of the world – they bring their culture, skills, talent, and the beauty of their individuality to this great melting pot and have helped forge this great nation.  There are so many people who make contributions to business, entertainment, politics, and our society in general that are products of other nations, but we just don’t know it…..until now.

Dee representing India – H Greaves Photography

The World Beauty Project highlights some of the individuals who are products of other countries but have helped shape our society and our world in many beautiful ways.  We also highlight some of the beautiful people that live, study, and work next to you (your co-workers, classmates, neighbors, etc) that bring the beauty of their nations, their cultures, and their experience to enhance our lives here in the US.  Confucius said “Everything has beauty, but not everyones sees it” – it’s time we open our eyes.  Stay woke!

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Rachel representing Guyana – H Greaves Photography
Esi Representing Ghana – H Greaves Photography
Chinaza representing Nigeria – H Greaves Photography
Xiomara Representing Puerto Rico – H Greaves Photography
Alexandra representing Honduras – H Greaves Photography
Brianna Representing Ethiopia – H Greaves Photography
Emma representing Colombia – H Greaves Photography
Jazzmin representing Dominican Republic – H Greaves Photography
Brasier representing Panama – H Greaves Photography
Angela representing Kenya – H Greaves Photography
Violet representing Haiti – H Greaves Photography



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